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Alberta Web Design Solutions

Attractive, Functional, Modern and Affordable Website Solutions

Working with a large range of businesses in the Alberta area, we provide functional website solutions that are modern, attractive, affordable and can be easily maintained.

What Xpression Webs customers are saying:

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Our Goal

To provide exceptional website services to our valued customers by creating attractive, affordable, modern, and functional web site solutions that can be easily maintained and expanded to grow with a company. We strive to make sure our customers' websites are successful and profitable.

Small Business Website Problems

Xpression Webs

Here are four main problems small businesses face today:

  1. They have started a new business and want to have a website built or they have an outdated website and would like to have something more modern looking.

  2. They have a website but don't know how to update the information or they have an older CMS version that requires an upgrade.

  3. Their website looks terrible on mobile devices and they want a "Mobile website alternative" that will allow them to keep their existing website.

  4. They want to become more involved in Social Media and need assistance with their Social Media Strategy or they want to have a modern custom video to describe their business services.

We Provide Website Solutions

Solution #1: Website Design Solutions - New businesses will appreciate the fact that Xpression Webs provides many different types of website solutions for their business needs. We are a one-stop webshop and as a result, we can provide affordable and reliable website hosting and domains with all of our website packages. This is the perfect solution to simplify your web experience!

Solution #2: Website Updating/Ugrading Solutions - Do you have a Joomla website that needs upgrading but you don't have the time or the know how to do your updates or upgrades?

We can provide you with the perfect solution. Let us take the stress of maintaining your website away from you. We are experts in the Joomla Content Management Systems (CMS) and can provide ad-hoc, or yearly updates. If you are running an unsupported Joomla version, your website's security could be compromised, please contact us to request a site review and obtain a quote for an upgrade. Click here for more details on our updating solutions.

Solution #3: Mobile Website Solution - The majority of new websites we currently develop are responsive in nature, meaning that these websites adapt to the environment they are being viewed on. If customers are pleased with their current website and do not want to invest in a new responsive website, another alternative is possible. This involves creating a separate mobile website which runs independent of their existing website. The perfect Mobile Website Solution!

Solution #4 - Social Media / Video Assistance - Do you want to become more involved in Social Media and don't know where to start? We can provide the perfect Social Media solution for you. Not only will we setup your Social Media pages, we will also get you started on creating a consistent Social Media plan in the future. We can also design a custom video for your company that can be easily be shared on your website and social media sites.

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