what is a blog

A blog can log a blogger's thoughts, opinions, knowledge and news and is usually arranged in chronological order from the most recent posting at the top to older entries towards the bottom.

Blogs are generally written on a specific theme and are updated by a specific person on a regular basis.

What's the Big Deal About Blogs?

Why Do I Blog?

I blog to share information with my readers. There are so many amazing things that I learn every day and my blog allows me to share and distribute this knowledge with others.

My blog allows me to express my personal opinion and educate issues pertaining to websites, Social media, Joomla and new computer technology that I feel are interesting and important.

Why Should Companies Blog?

  • A blog can be a company's online presence and can be used as an education center for potential customers.
  • Through a blog companies can become an authority in their "niche".

Advantage to Having a Private Blog Page

  • Unlike a Facebook Company Page, a privately owned blog is owned by your company and no one can take your information away.
  • A blog can be 2 way relation where you can interact with your readers and build a trust relationship with your customers..

seorevDoes Blogging Help With Search Engine Optimization? (SEO)

Yes, it may definitely help.

Although a blog is not a "Magic SEO Solution" and there are no guarantees, having a blog may will increase your SEO as you can add relevant topics that can aid in your site's keywords and site content.

Tips on Writing a Good Blog Post

  1. Create quality posts that your readers are interested in. Write for your readers first not just for search engines.
  2. Create unique titles for your blog posts, structuring a unique headline to identify to your readers what your posting is all about. Be unique creating your post's headline.
  3. Research your blog topics and don't be afraid to use your own knowledge, make sure that everything you post is truthful and ethical.
  4. Create a simple outline before you create your post to make sure your post includes everything you want to say about your topic.
  5. Use images and videos inside your posts to allow a visual element and break up large amounts of text.
  6. Always remember to re-read your posts and check for spelling and grammar errors.