You are now forced to use Facebook Messenger App, however, this doesn't mean this app will invade your privacy or is part of some vast conspiracy to track all of your actions.

If you're already using Facebook, the company knows a lot about you already. Having access to a few settings on your phone so that it can actually send off a text message doesn't change that.

Did Facebook Handle This Correctly?

In my opinion, no. If anyone is forced to do anything, they will revolt!

Is this app the same as all the other apps out there?

If you install any app on your smartphone it can do the same thing!

Here's the real bottom line: pretty much every app you download includes the same language and privacy permissions. By downloading an app, you're giving up a certain level of privacy. But, what's being done with Facebook messaging doesn't give Facebook any more rights to your personal information than it already has. So if you don't want your privacy invaded, don't download apps of any kind.