In fact, I have a beautiful brand new desktop computer that I barely use and it just sits gathering dust because I can't stand using it. The reason, it has Windows 8 on it. Yes, I know the Windows 8.1 upgrade came out and yes, I did upgrade, but seriously, it didn't fix a thing other than I can now navigate a little easier with a modified Start Menu.

The fact is this version totally slows me down in my job and the simplest things I took for granted before, take me loads of time to figure out. Frankly, I just don't have the time or the patience to figure it all out and why should I have to do this? An operating system shouldn't be complicated. An operating system should allow you to run your programs and store your files, that's all it needs to do.

When I am working on my desktop computer, I want a desktop operating system, not this silly Metro stuff. I want to be able to find and run my programs, save files and play the occassional game of solitaire, that's all. Why did they make it so complicated to do this?

I am eager to see what the new Windows 10 Threshold operating system will look like. Perhaps I can get back to my brand new desktop computer and give my poor Windows 7 laptop a much deserved break.