After 2 years of developing SureCart is finally here! SureCart is WooCommerce on steroids. With SureCart you can create physical products, and digital products, sell courses, and memberships, do upgrades, and downgrades, sell products and subscriptions in one checkout, auto calculate taxes and so much more.

Wish SureCart it is easy to connect Stripe and PayPal to your website. With SureCart it is even possible to charge your clients weekly, monthly or yearly subscriptions through PayPal. Something that is very hard to achieve when trying to get approval from Paypal.

SureCart automates everything for you. You only have to set it up once. SureCart gives Byers their digital downloads at once. SureCart links buyers of your course to the course. All on autopilot.

You can use SureCart to send payment pages and invoices to your clients. They leave their invoice number, fill in the amount and pay. After that, they get an auto-generated invoice.

You can use SureCart to create a donation form where people can donate any amount to your good cause.

Get SureCart:

00:00 Intro
01:37 SureCart Examples
05:57 Download SureCart (It’s free)
06:57 Setup Your Store

09:32 Create A Downloadable Product
13:36 Create A Donation Product

14:44 Create A Course Product
15:12 Setup A One-time Payment
15:35 Setup A Split-Payment
16:26 Setup A Subscription (Weekly, Monthly, Annual)

18:54 Create A Checkout Form
23:38 Place A Checkout Form In Elementor
25:33 Create A Donation Form
27:41 Create An Advanced Form
30:19 Configure Your Form
37:40 Configure A Checkout Form In Elementor
39:03 Create An Invoice Checkout Form

42:27 Combine a One-Time Payment With A Subscription
45:16 Create A Cart With Add To Cart Buttons
48:09 Create Coupons (Coupon Codes)
51:52 Create And Use “Buy Links”

55:42 Let’s Do A Payment
58:22 Let Your Buyers Adjust Their Subscription
59:41 Create A Course Area In The Customer Dashboard

01:01:51 Refunds
01:04:52 Handling Subscriptions
01:07:56 Create A Custom Thank You Page Using The WordPress Block Editor
01:11:46 SureCart Settings
01:22:52 Enabling Taxes
01:25:51 Thank You For Watching