Can a viral video help your business?

viral videosYes, Videos are an essential way for businesses to showcase their products or services. If a humorous and engaging video goes viral it can have a reach of hundreds of thousands shares.

Reasons for Creating Business Videos

  • People like watching videos more than they like reading text.
  • Videos can increase brand recognition and make your company appear more credible.
  • Videos decrease your website's bounce rate - The average visitor leaves a website after 2 seconds of going to it when you put a video on your website, they will stay longer to view and this will lower your bounce rate.

Viral Videos Should Catch Your Attention

Viral Videos can be funny, shocking, interesting or amazing. A viral video should catches your attention, pulls you in and sticks in your head.

How to Create a Viral Video

Viral Videos are an outstanding way to promote and market a business.

Make sure your video:

  • Is creative and fun to watch
  • Is positive and upbeat
  • Is relavent, timely and authentic
  • Is inspiring
  • Has Music
  • Has interesting content

Keep Videos Simple, Funny and Interesting

People have a very short attention span, so if making a video bear this in mind. A video should have one central idea. If you have more than one idea, rather than doing a longer video, break it into a couple of different videos.

There are millions of videos on the web and when you make your video, think of how your video can stand out from the others. Think of your audience and what they would like to watch and share with their friends. Strive to be entertaining.

Are Viral Videos Effective?

Viral video can be a very effective and inexpensive way to generate interest in your business. Getting the attention of the masses can certainly be possible if you create an video that is fun and entertaining. Why not try making a video today?